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The Farm

The Farm.

Long before it was the done thing, the Lane brothers fenced off the farm’s waterways and left stands of native bush to flourish in the hill country around Whangara.

It’s a practice that continues to this day, and the farm is dotted with stands of bush, enormous trees – in particular several stately Totara – and the streams run cool and clear. All our paddocks are grass, reducing the use and effects of fertiliser too.

If there’s one thing we apply to our farming practice, it’s quite simply this: look after the land, and it’ll look after you.

And when we say hill country we mean hill country. All our bulls spend their first year up on the hills, right in the steepest bits. That way, we know they can take whatever it is the hills might throw at them. Tried and tested hill country commercial bulls that are bred for better beef. That’s our guarantee.

Check out the Whangara hill country here: