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Get the right bull for your business.

Whangara Angus breeds for one thing: better beef. Once we’ve talked about your business objectives, we’ll start talking about which Whangara bull suits you best.


Whangara Branded Bulls.

Proven performance from paddock to paperwork.

What makes a Branded Bull?

At Whangara Angus, we are always looking to improve, and won’t rest until all our Branded Bulls meet the following standards:

  • All carcass traits at or above breed average.
  • Angus Pure Index of A or A+.
  • Growth as a major feature of their genetic code.
  • A Whangara bull produces more quality beef that meets premium standards.
  • Meeting premium standards (e.g. Angus Pure) means you get paid more per kilo.


Ask to see our kill sheets or any other data we keep and we’ll gladly share it with you.


What that means for you…

A Whangara bull gives you the ability to produce more quality beef that will meet premium standards. Meeting premium standards (like Angus Pure for example) means you get paid more per kilo. Which means you make more money.

 Our bulls are also bred to maintain fertility across your herd, as well as to be more efficient at turning grass into protein.

Talk to us about a Whangara Branded Bull that’s right for your business, or make an appointment to visit our stud.


Whangara Semen.

Don’t clutch at straws to improve your herd.

Using semen is the faster, more efficient way to ensure that your herd is making gains with quality genetics. Whangara Stud only selects semen from bulls that will grow better beef – because better beef means more money, every time.

Get in touch to chat about what semen we have available to get your herd on the way to being more profitable right now.