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Herd Manager

Our Team

Patrick Lane


Anyone in New Zealand with anything to do with Angus knows Patrick. He’s a real character, who tells it like it is, loves his cattle and loves his farm. With many years of breeding Angus behind him, Patrick’s also a real fountain of knowledge on the breed, and travels extensively in the USA to find EBVs that will improve the Whangara ‘bred for better beef’ programme.


Angela Lane

Angela grew up on the hills of Whangara Angus, where she’d jump on a horse and head out the back of the farm to help with mustering and spend long days docking.  She was at Patrick’s side helping to prepare the young heifers and bulls for the Poverty Bay A & P show and – aged just 12 – won Junior Herdsperson.

When she got older she began competing on her horses and worked in the thoroughbred breeding industry for several years in NZ, England and Australia.

In 2009, Angela headed back to the UK to complete the summer harvest seasons and travel throughout Europe when she could.  After a few years of travelling, Ange headed home and completed a Bachelor of AgriScience and developed a keen interest in soils.  This led her to complete a Master of Science in Agricultural Science specialising in using ground penetrating radar to locate soil flow pathways.

Ange’s studies and keen interest in New Zealand agriculture give her a more holistic view to the way we farm at Whangara. Her passion about the health and well being of our stock is based on her deep undertsanding that it all starts with having healthy soil.

Robbie Kirkpatrick

Herd / Operations Manager

Herd manager Robbie has literally been farming since before he could walk, spending his first years in a bucket on the front of the tractor on his family’s remote Te Karaka farm. After starting his working life as a mechanic’s apprentice, Robbie decided farming was his true calling, and has been working the land for the last 15 years.

Robbie joined the Whangara Angus team in 2009 and has worked his way up from shepherd to managing the day-to-day operation of the entire farm, a position he’s held since January ‘14.

Robbie loves the breed, and has taken it upon himself to be skilled in all areas of stud breeding, in particular using EBVs for herd improvement. Knowing the Whangara Angus cow herd inside out is a particular strength he brings to our breeding programme. If you want to talk Angus, Robbie’s your man.

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